Rental // FW23 FREEWING AIR V3

Rental // FW23 FREEWING AIR V3

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The FreeWing AIR v3 has been fully upgraded for all-round performance and pro-level freestyle.

The medium-aspect wing ratio together with short strut delivers a compact power balance making the wing more maneuverable in tacks & gybes, and minimizing wingtip contact with water. A firmer canopy tension provides consistent power delivery and excellent flagged-out stability, while also offering a wide wind range. It also offers more stability and lift from the canopy in maneuvers, making tacking and gybing a dream.

The AIR v3’s offset center strut enables you to pull the wing in without bending your arm and it has a parallel hand position. The tapered strut features a wide and strong connection at the base, creating a stiffer overall airframe. The leading edge features a slight dihedral to maintain significant power whilst gaining better stability when the wing is flagged out.

We continue with our class-leading front handle design with generous space and comfort, without compromising responsiveness & control.

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